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It is a weekly comedy, pop-culture podcast hosted by four guys in Los Angeles who like to joke, analyze, discuss, and laugh about all things nerd! Join Josh, Ali, Tom, and Corey every Thursday as they discuss the things that give them raging nerd ons or what left them wanting more. From comic books to film and everything in between these nerds tackle it all!

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Recent Episodes Include...

Marvel’s Black Panther – EP23

Welcome to Episode 23 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Black Panther Have you heard of the first ever mainstream African American superhero? Well if you haven’t by now, it’s one of the biggest cultural phenomena to happen in the MCU since the first time Avengers hit the big screen. The Nerds venture into the...

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Our Favorite Fictional Romances – EP22

Welcome to Episode 22 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Fictional Romances Love is in the air. Well…not exactly. This week the Nerds discuss their favorite fictional romances in all the categories – Comic Books, Video Games, Movies and TV Shows. Their hearts skip a beat as they reminisce about their own love lives and...

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Board Games (with Film Forecast) – EP21

Welcome to Episode 21 of Nerd On! The Podcast – Board Games Rainy days get ya down? Feel like you can’t take another death in that water temple level everyone hates? Does shuffling around cardboard and plastic sound like its a good time? Well, then you may be suffering from Late Onset Board Game addiction....

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