The Capeless Crusaders started in the Sacramento area in late 2014. Since then, they have become an integral part of the local comic community; reviewing comics, attending conventions, interviewing local creators, and connecting fans with comic news and content.

*This is our host, Tom’s, other podcast/crew.

A comedy podcast where two pals watch movie trailers and try and figure out the entire plot of the film without ever seeing it. New episodes come out Thursdays, just in time for you to get a final spoiler before heading to the movie theater on Friday.

Welcome to Bears on Film. The only show where two guys sit around and talk about movies.

Each week, Billy and Topher will talk about movies they love, movies they hate, and those that fall in between.

Hey whats up we are 2 awesome guys who love videogames movies and tv shows each week or so we do a deep dive on 1 or 2 things maybe even 3 we love what we do and love your feed back thanks for listening

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