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All Levels Of Nerd Are Welcome Here

Welcome to Nerd On! The podcast you didn’t need but you deserve. It is a weekly show bringing together four guys from LA to hang out, rant, analyze and joke about popular topics from Movies, Video Games, TV shows and whatever else that gives them a raging Nerd On!

All levels of nerd are welcome here. Whether you are a fanatic or a closeted nerd – you are welcome to Nerd On!

Nerd On! /nərd//än,ôn/


Used to express one’s love or affinity for all things pop-culture (movies, tv shows, video games, comic books, etc…)

Examples for usage:

  1. “I have a raging Nerd On for all the Harry Potter books and movies.”
  2. “Nerd On!” (as in “Rock On!”)
  3. “Get your Nerd On!” (as in “Get your groove on!)

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